Points Of Light Award

On December 14th 2018 our Founder Aaron Rackley was awarded the Points Of Light Award by the Prime Ministers Office.

The Points Of Light award is given out daily by the Prime Minister to recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

In a letter from the Prime Minister, Theresa May said:

“You know from your own experiences how difficult time in the hospital can be and by creating ‘Little Heroes Comics’, you are bringing happiness to the days of young people in hospitals across the UK. You should feel incredibly proud of distributing hundreds of comic making kits to young patients so they can have a welcome distraction from the difficulties of hospital wards.”

In response to receiving the award, Aaron gave the following public response. 

When I started on this journey, the goal was simply to send kits, as a thank you, to the hospital that treated me for cancer. I knew how much I would have appreciated a kit like this when I was stuck in bed there! I didn’t expect the charity to grow into what it is today and I never would have expected to be rewarded for doing this. This charity is my life and I hope one day it will be my full-time occupation. There is no greater feeling than the joy we get seeing the impact the charity makes on the lives of these children.
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